The Department of chemistry is part of National Institute of Technology Sikkim since its establishment in the 2010. Departmental young Faculty members are actively engaged in teaching and Research. Presently department offers Chemistry theory course and laboratory course to different engineering branches of B. Tech. Our faculty members presently are supervising sponsored projects with very advance problems in the area of experimental chemistry.

   Undergraduate student get opportunity to obtain thorough fundamental knowledge of all fields of chemistry. There are lecture courses in the general areas of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, Laboratory experience is provided to the undergraduate students in broad area of inorganic and organic synthesis, analytical methods.

   Independent and original work is stressed in the laboratories and modern equipment is available to carry out the work. The equipment and techniques available to the undergraduate student include UV, IR Spectrophotometers, Rotary evaporators, etc.. Laboratories are fitted with fume hoods. In addition, special arrangements can be made to use many specialized research techniques available on the campus. Department also arrange series of seminars by renowned professor and scientist and National level symposium. Bharat Ratna Prof. C. N. R. Rao was the Chief Guest in the recently held RTPC 2015 organised by the Department. The students and research scholars gets access of different research Journal portals and SciFinder to remain updated about the advance research.

Dr. Taraknath Kundu
HoD (i/c) Dept. of Chemistry